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    Shell EPE issues ruling on eye protection

    News // December 19, 2006

    Broker Seabrokers reports that Shell EPE has instigated a new rule on vessel personnel safety, resulting from an incident onboard a vessel working for them earlier this year.

    The new rule states: “The wearing of eye protection will be mandatory on all Shell OSVs by the 1st March 2007”.

    Vessel owners are to amend their procedures to reflect the above rule which is compulsory outside the accommodation on all of their vessels whilst working for Shell EPE.

    In the latest issue of Seabreeze, Seabrokers' monthly report, the broker said: "They expect everyone on board to be responsible for their own safety and to challenge anyone of their colleagues who are not wearing their protection. There are various types of safety glasses, goggles and face shields available on the market but the important thing is that the equipment is fit for purpose and meets the current EN 166 F standards required (including UVA and UVB rays) to protect the eyes. Where certain tasks require greater protection, then a higher standard are to be used from the shipowner’s risk assessment."

    Along with this, Shell expect cleaning/de-misting and eyewash
    stations to be available and well maintained, top management to support in every way and for these procedures to be followed “from the top down.” 

    "In case any owners are sceptical about these mandatory rules, it should be noted that when one vessel owner introduced mandatory use of safety glasses back in 2002, they found
    that eye injuries were reduced by 75 per cent," noted Seabrokers.

    Please also note that owners who are unwilling to implement these changes will not be chartered by Shell EPE.

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