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    Applanix introduces high performance motion reference system

    Equipment & Technology // November 30, 2006

    Applanix has introduced a new, high-performance motion reference system for maritime surveying and mapping - the POS MV Elite.

    The POS MV Elite is a tightly coupled Inertial/GPS system that employs high precision ring laser gyros. The system includes a highly accurate state-of-the-art inertial measurement unit (IMU) originally designed for the aerospace industry and is now available for marine hydrographic service.

    Said Applanix: "POS MV Elite produces significantly improved roll and pitch measurement accuracies, approximately two times better, than the current industry standard POS MV 320. The system offers true heading accuracy without the need for dual GPS installation."

    The POS MV Elite also utilises the same proven computer and GPS components found throughout the Applanix POS product line.

    “Applanix marine solutions are designed to deliver superior position and orientation accuracy for multibeam sonar systems and marine surveying applications working under the most demanding sea conditions,” said Peter Canter, Director of Marine Products for Applanix.

    “POS MV Elite is the ideal system for users who require the highest degree of accuracy in motion measurement for their marine applications.”

    With high accuracy measurement of vertical motion and system performance that results in approximately five times improved position drift during GPS outages, the POS MV Elite provides users with the most robust attitude, heading, heave, position, and velocity data.

    POS MV Elite also includes a data logging option for post mission reprocessing that produces a position and orientation solution unparalleled in today’s hydrographic market.

    For more information on Applanix position and orientation solutions see


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