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    DMT DOV's used in oil spill project

    Projects and Operations // November 17, 2006

    Deep Marine Technology's DeepWorker 2000 Direct Operated Vehicles (DOV) recently participated in, and successfully completed, oil spill recovery and dam inspection task simulations for Marine Pollution Control (MPC) and the Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA) respectively.

    Conducting the works at Lake Travis in Austin, Texas, DMT's first task was to demonstrate the ability to effectively integrate DMT and MPC's technologies by interfacing MPC's Submersible Work Unit equipment with the DOV and perform a simulated oil spill recovery operation. 

    This task was achieved through the use of clay balls placed on the bottom of the lake that were then retrieved with a suction hose attached to the DOV that carried the material to the surface and deposited it onto a vessel.

    The advantages to using the DOV for this type of task include protection of personnel from environmental conditions; abilityto perform pre-job survey of oil spill; and the ability to stay above the oil during skimming operations.

    For it's second task, DMT demonstrated the DeepWorker's ability to safely and efficiently conduct dam inspections by performing visual and sonar checks on the Mansfield Dam in Lake Travis for LCRA, while providing real-time visual to the client onboard the vessel.

    Both tasks were successfully performed in low visibility waters.


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