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    Oceaneering acquires SpiderBOT ROVs

    Vessel & ROV News // February 4, 2005
    Oceaneering International in the US has announced the acquisition of SpiderBOT Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) technology and assets from Dark Matter, LLC.

    The technology enables completion of unique subsea missions using these small ROVs, whichachieved notoriety for conducting highly successful interior surveys and high-resolution filmdocumentation of the Titanic and Bismarck shipwrecks in water depths of nearly three miles.

    Advanced onboard systems enable complex operations in water depths to 20,000 feet. Unlike mostROVs, power is provided onboard using a high energy density battery system. A small diameter,expendable fiber-optic tether deployed from a SpiderBOT ROV provides command and control while supplying feedback to the operator of real time high-resolution video images and status of onboard system health.

    Oceaneering said the ROVs "have demonstrated an unequalled ability to penetrate confined spacesbecause of their small size and proprietary maneuvering systems."

    Duncan McLean, Vice President and General Manager of Oceaneering Technologies, said, "We areparticularly enthusiastic about the capabilities offered by this new technology. It will complementOceaneering's larger work class ROVs and minimize their exposure to damage during difficult subsea operations. We expect to provide expanded ROV services with the SpiderBOT ROVs to both our oilfield and government customers, such as close-in inspection of subsea equipment, improved search and recovery operations, documentation of shipwrecks, and security inspections of vessels and piers."

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