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    GRL launches DeepSim

    Equipment & Technology // September 27, 2006

    DeepSim runs under Windows XP and provides real-time dynamic visualisation.

    General Robotics Limited (GRL) in the UK has announced the introduction of DeepSim 1.0, its desktop subsea planning and training simulator.

    DeepSim runs under Windows XP, and provides real-time dynamic visualisation of complex subsea scenarios, allowing users to model the true hydrodynamic response of objects such as ROVs, tethers and moorings when acted on by real world factors like currents and surface vessel motion.
    DeepSim is intended primarily for contractors to the off-shore oil and gas industry, typically involved in survey, inspection, maintenance and repair of subsea installations, as well as drilling and laying of pipelines. There are also applications in mooring analysis, harbour security and the defence industries. DeepSim is a scenario planning application for use in the office or offshore in surface vessels or oil rigs.
    By allowing the play and replay of any subsea situation, DeepSim provides an invaluable tool for training and planning and generating marketing ‘proof of concept’ visualisations.
    GRL provides a free Replay Viewer, which can be downloaded from GRL’s website or distributed by DeepSim users with their simulations.
    A key function of DeepSim is the advanced Replay View. When a simulation is modelled it is recorded in full 3D, so irrespective of the original camera viewpoint, when replaying, the user can look at the scenario from any angle or viewpoint whether or not this need was appreciated at the outset. This allows the scenario to be examined from multiple viewpoints. Within any of these replay files, camera tracks can be created to define the route the camera will take. Each of these is in effect a separate ‘movie’, so different tracks can be created for training vessel or ROV pilots, or for marketing purposes.
    Another important feature is the general hydrodynamic modelling of dynamic cable behaviour in water. The operator can add any number of wires, cables, and chains, and they will be modelled on their physical properties, their mass, their density, their drag to take account of currents or the speed of any vessel, and these objects will behave in a hydrodynamically accurate manner.
    DeepSim comes with a database of objects, vessels, structures, seabeds and custom components which can be pulled into the simulation by the user. Users can extend the database with models of their own.
    Interactive control of objects within a visualisation is also provided, so the operator can use a joystick to drive an ROV, or any other dynamic object, through the simulation.
    "In deep water, seeing aids understanding,” said Dr Jason Tisdall, Director of Business Development, General Robotics Limited. “DeepSim breaks new ground in providing subsea insights - combining advanced analytic tools for subsea planning with simple-to-use techniques that produce a highly informative visual story for a wider audience, in planning, training or marketing."
    "GRL has for many years delivered world class subsea simulation software, often tailored and supported by their strong development team to fit the engineering challenge at hand,” said Kyrre Tjøm, Managing Director, Abyssus Marine Services AS. “This has allowed us to fulfil requirements in developing products and services which would otherwise have been impossible. The addition of DeepSim is now going to help us to reduce further both engineering costs and risks - which benefits everyone.”
    DeepSim is available from September and costs £25,000 per seat with discounts available for multiple licences.
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