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    AlphaPRIME heads east

    Equipment & Technology // September 21, 2006

    The first working AlphaPRIME system module has been shipped to Malaysia where it will be used to demonstrate its unique seabed technology to field operators in the region.

    The 95 tonne system module and its test rig were transported from Malmo, Sweden, to Lummut as deck cargo aboard the Beluga Independence. In the process, the general cargo ship demonstrated, for the first time, the ease with which AlphaPRIME modules can be deployed offshore by using its own derrick to lift it aboard. The system module arrived in Malaysia in early September and is now being set-up for operational display.

    The system module is a fully working prototype that has been built to demonstrate the AlphaPRIME principle of seabed separation and processing.

    It has already been shown extensively to oil and gas industry personnel at Malmo and its move to Malaysia will now make it accessible to industry executives in the region.

    The transportation was financed by Alpha Perisai Sdn Bhd in response to the intense interest that the technology is generating in Asia and the Far East. Alpha Perisai is the first company in the world to purchase a license to manufacture and deploy AlphaPRIME oil field technology.

    It is 70 per cent owned by Perisai Petroleum Teknologi Bhd of Malaysia and will market the technology which is aimed at reducing production costs and capital expenditure for offshore oil and gas producers.

    AlphaPRIME is an all-electric incremental field development system that can ultimately enable offshore operators to monitor and control an entire oil and gas field in real time via communication links from anywhere in the world.

    It centres on the use of system modules that are deployed on the seabed where they contain all of the well’s control, pumping and separation requirements that would normally be provided by an expensive offshore platform.

    The modules are installed on a plug and play basis which means that, unlike other seabed systems, they can be easily recovered for modification or upgrading at any time in the life of the field. This substantially reduces the technical difficulties associated with subsea processing while also enabling operators to capture early production and increase hydrocarbon recovery.

    By transferring key functions to the seabed in a safe and manageable way, AlphaPRIME can solve flow problems while significantly increasing reservoir draw down and providing important savings in capital and operating expenditure. The unique benefits of the system have been acknowledged as being particularly valuable by enabling small and marginal oil fields to be exploited more economically.

    Alpha Perisai was created to exclusively market and deploy AlphaPRIME technology within the Asia Pacific region. This includes Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Brunei, Philippines and also India. Field operators elsewhere in the world will also be able to obtain licences from Alpha Thames Subsea Ltd and use the technology on a field by field basis. Shell, which was closely involved in the development testing and field readiness qualification of AlphaPRIME, retains the right to purchase a license should the need arise.


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