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    Ulstein Verft reorganizes

    Yard News // September 6, 2006

    The Board of Ulstein Verft shipyard in Norway has adopted a management proposal to reorganize the company.

    "The aim is to boost its competitiveness by clarifying lines of responsibility, increasing delivery precision in-house and reducing unnecessary workloads,” says Gunvor Ulstein, the Ulstein Group’s CEO and Chairman of the Board of Ulstein Verft.

    Since June 2006, when Karsten Sævik was named as managing director of Ulstein Verft, he has focused on the yard’s potential for improvement. 

    “The idea behind the reorganization is to create clear areas of responsibility,” said Sævik. “The yard’s current organizational form and high volume of new orders places a heavy a burden and responsibility on certain employees, and we want to change that. And I am pleased that the yard’s management has shown great openness and enthusiasm for taking steps to improve how Ulstein Verft functions.”

    Sævik noted that for a yard like Ulstein Verft, it is important to clarify responsibilities. “Once we establish clear areas of responsibility, we can more easily analyze our successes and discover our weaknesses. Of course, our objective is for everyone to succeed, but when things don’t go the way we intend, it is important to be able to analyze what went wrong. Then it will be easier to succeed the next time,” he explained.

    The new organizational model makes each department and manager responsible for developing, implementing and maintaining the department’s quality system - though all departments will have the full support of the company’s dedicated Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) team.

    The HSE team will serve as an initiator and adviser to the departments.

    ”Our most important resource is the people and their expertise,” said Sævik. “Because we see room for improvement on safety issues and don’t want to risk losing any of our skilled work-force to our competitors, we have elected to enhance our quality assurance, HSE and human resource function.”

    In the new organization model, the project organization will be linked to the staff function in the yard. “These are our customers – our bread and butter – so we must focus on them,” said Gunvor Ulstein. “In building offshore vessels, a lot is decided before the contract is signed. From now on, the sales department will be involved in and responsible for the building projects – from contract negotiations to ship delivery. That way we assure continuity in the process and responsibility from the sale of a ship through project execution. The project management will be thoroughly familiar with the projects when the contract is ready, and through project execution they will accrue knowledge that will be of value to future sales initiatives.”

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