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    SMD Hydrovision's pipeline plow successfully tested

    Vessel & ROV News // July 13, 2006

    SMD Hydrovision's latest development in pipeline ploughing, the Variable Multipass Plough (VMP), has successfully completed trials in the North Sea. This followed delivery on schedule at the beginning of June to the owner, CTC Marine Projects of Darlington, UK.

    The 180te dry weight plough was mobilised directly from SMDH's Turbinia Works facility on the River Tyne to the Maersk Assister Trenching Support Vessel. 

    The support ROV used during the trials was Quantum 2 delivered by SMDH to European Contract Hire earlier this year.

    The VMP will commence first work in early August in the North Sea from CTC's new vessel charter, Maersk Advancer

    The vessel is fitted with SMDH's latest modular 200te Passive Heave Compensator which enables the plough to be safely deployed over pipelines in conditions up to and including sea state 5.

    The VMP is a development of SMDH's Advanced Multipass Plough (AMP). It's name refers to a patented novel arrangement of spoil blades which enable the plough, in difficult conditions, to vary initial cut depth continuously over a very wide range. 

    The plough can then return for a second pass to achieve the required depth. 

    In addition, the plough incorporates all of the innovative performance enhancements of the AMP, such as Hi-Tow, Tri-jet and the Active Share Track.

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