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    C & C Technologies announces AUV upgrade

    Vessel & ROV News // July 11, 2006

    C & C Technologies has announced details of recent upgrades to its C-Surveyor I AUV. 

    The C-Surveyor I, mobilized on Rig Supporter, has been surveying in Brazilian waters since April 2006.

    During a regularly scheduled DNV hull inspection of Rig Supporter, C&C engineers seized an opportunity to install new hardware and software aboard the C-Surveyor I AUV.

    Upgrades performed on the AUV allow for more efficient operations and software continuity throughout C&Cís AUV fleet.

    C & C plans to continue using the C-Surveyor I to perform AUV surveys in Brazil, while the C-Surveyor II AUV completes deepwater Gulf of Mexico surveys. 

    The company will complete mobilization of its third AUV, C-Surveyor III, by the end of September 2006. 

    The C-Surveyor III will have upgraded sensors compared to its predecessors and will be capable of surveying in water depths up to 4,500m with longer endurance. 

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