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    IMAREST publishes new merchant ship naval architecture title

    Publications // June 30, 2006

    IMAREST In the UK has published Merchant Ship Naval Architecture, by Dr David Taylor and Dr Alan Tang.

    At some point during their careers, marine professionals are likely to encounter the science of naval architecture, particularly during their early years and perhaps several years later when they may need a ‘refresher’ in the subject. This new IMarEST book sets out to provide both and at many points in between. It will also be of benefit to those embarking on a career as a naval architect, providing much useful information.

    It begins with a chapter on ship types, describing the majority of vessels, large and small, that are in service today and will be in the years to come. Several types are illustrated by diagrams with salient features clearly marked. This is followed by a chapter that defines a ship and its parts, and introduces the terminology used. This theme is continued in the next chapter covering rules and regulations as well as tonnage definitions.

    Methods used in calculating the areas and volumes of ships’ hulls are explained and worked examples – an important feature throughout the book’s chapters – are given making each calculation easy to follow. Such calculations form a necessary part of following chapters which have the self-explanatory headings as: Buoyancy, Stability and Trim; Ships and the Sea; Structural Strength; and, Resistance. The latter chapter also features the use of model testing and its relationship to full scale ships.

    The book then moves on to the subjects of Propellers and Propulsion; Manoeuvring and Motion Control; and, Vibration, each of which is described from first principles through to the various formulas used in the necessary calculations relating to the appropriate subject heading.

    The book closes with a chapter on ship design, which, in the words of the authors: ‘…is not a static process, but one which is evolving constantly to meet new frontiers created by technological developments and market demands.’

    The information contained in this book provides an excellent foundation for understanding merchant ship naval architecture.

    • Published by The Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology
    80 Coleman Street, London EC2R 5BJ. Tel: 020 7382 2606
    • Price £35.00. Paperback 216pp including index. Includes many illustrations and equations.
    • ISBN 1-902536-56-8


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