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    Crewboats repowered at Conrad Industries

    Yard News // June 23, 2006

    Seabulk St Tammany is the first boat to be repowered.

    Six crewboats recently acquired by Seacor Marine as part of its take-over of the Seabulk fleet are in the process of being repowered at Conrad Industries in Morgan City.

    The six crewboats were each powered by four electronically controlled 1,100hp two-cycle engines turning at 2,100rpm that were getting only about 6,000 hours before requiring a rebuild.

    Seacor decided to repower the vessels with Cummins KTA38 M1 engines that deliver 1,100 hp at 1,800rpm.

    According to Seacor project manager, Joe McCall, these engines will routinely deliver 25,000 hours between rebuilds.

    The repowers presented some challenges however. The smaller diameter shafts on the vessels would not handle the larger diameter props that the higher torque of the Cummins engines will deliver.

    To allow for this, explained Joe McCall: “We decided to tweak the props and turn the them faster so we have gone with a 2:1 reduction rather than the 2.36 and 2.55 reductions on the old 2,100rpm engines. Two of the boats had one reduction and the other four had the second."

    In June Seabulk St Tammany was undergoing the first change out of her four engines. The job will to be completed by the end of July with the other five boats scheduled over the coming months.

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