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    Sea Trident gets decks reinstated with SPS overlay

    Vessel & ROV News // June 23, 2006

    Sea Trident has had its deck reinstated using the SPS overlay.

    The survey vessel Sea Trident has had its shelter and main deck reinstated using Intelligent Engineering’s SPS Overlay technology.

    A total area of 361m˛ of steel was renewed in two phases at Richards Dry Dock and Engineering Ltd, Norfolk, UK in April.

    General Manager, Simon Coote contacted Intelligent Engineering about the potential use of SPS Overlay having been made aware of the advantages that the technology would bring to the project whilst undertaking a previous project for Seacor.

    He said: "The full extent of the steel diminution did not come to light until refit work was underway. Whilst we had always planned to undertake the work on the shelter deck in the original schedule, additional areas were subsequently identified. The principal advantage of the technology was that the project could be undertaken with minimal disruption to other critical work, taking place at the same time and we were able to incorporate additional areas easily into the work schedule."

    Denis Welch, Director SPS Overlay was delighted with the working relationship between Richards Dry Dock and IE. “This is the way we like it to work, with the yard identifying the scope of the work required. Due to Richards Dry Dock having completed a previous SPS Overlay project, they were able to complete the limited steelwork and required minimal input from IE prior to the elastomer core injection.”

    IE used their new self-propelled injection equipment from Krauss Maffei for the work. Fully mobile, the unit is able to move around deck areas and eliminates the need, once on board, for yard cranage.

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