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    Submersible Systems increases fleet of Sub-Atlantic Ltd ROVs

    Vessel & ROV News // June 22, 2006

    SSI has taken delivery of its first Comanche ROV.

    Submersible Systems Inc (SSI) has has taken delivery of its first Comanche ROV from Sub-Atlantic.

    SSI is recognised as a leading operator of electric ROVs in and around the US Gulf coast, and recently utilised a Sub-Atlantic Mohican Inspection ROV on a number of inspection projects in the US Gulf Coast.

    The Comanche was designed as a Medium Work Class Electric ROV with a payload capability in excess of 200kg. The high
    voltage/frequency power transmission system developed for the latest generation of ROVs from Sub-Atlantic allows the Comanche to be run over a long tether without the need for a Tether Management System (TMS).

    SSI has extensive experience working with live boat systems
    and ordered the 2,000m depth rated Comanche with a 2200m Tether from Umbilicals International Inc.

    As with the Mohican, SSI has equipped their first Comanche with the highest quality sensors currently available on the market. In addition to the Kongsberg MS1000 Sonar, Kongsberg OE1367 Colour Camera and Near SIT Monochrome OE15-101 Camera; SSIís have also installed a high definition imaging sonar from Didson and an Echoscope 3D imaging sonar from CodaOctopus.

    The Comanche is also fitted with manipulators from Schilling Robotics. The Orion 7P and 4R Manipulators from Schilling Robotics ensure that SSI can carry out the vast range of tasks a truly versatile ROV like Comanche is expected to undertake.

    A Sub-Atlantic 15Kw HPU with high flow valve is fitted to Comanche thus ensuring a range of high specification tooling can also be fitted to Comanche. This high flow hydraulic system was considered an essential requirement from SSI and on its first project the high flow capability will be used to operate a 16in saw from Scantech.

    SSI has now also upgraded their Mohican to take the same high definition sonarís from Didson and CodaOctopus installed on their Comanche. With both systems now mobilised on a long term project SSI has placed an order for an additional Comanche with further Comanche orders to be expected.


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