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    One hundreth UT 755 ordered

    News // June 5, 2006

    Rolls-Royce has received 100 orders for the UT 755 design.

    Rolls-Royce in Norway has announced that it has received an order for the one hundreth UT 755 PSV, making the UT 755 the world's most popular PSV design.

    The 100th order for the UT 755 was signed on May 23rd, when Norwegian shipowner Myklebusthaug Offshore ordered its second vessel of the design.

    “The UT 755 has good seakeeping qualities, low noise and vibration levels and a lower fuel consumption,” said Roar Myklebusthaug of Myklebusthaug Offshore.

    With a deadweight of 3,250 tonnes at a 5.8m draft, Myklebusthaug’s new vessel will have an overall length of 76.6m, and a beam of 16m.

    It will be able to carry a wide range of cargo types, including 320m3 of bulk powder in five tanks, and will have approximately 688m2 of deck area, about 40m2 more than the earlier vessel.

    With an extra 5m of hull length inserted in the midbody, the cargo deck area and the deadweight are both increased.

    Alternatively, a moonpool can be installed, together with ROV hangars, without affecting the basic supply capability, opening up a wider range of functions including offshore inspection and maintenance.

    The vessel will be built at Simek shipyard in Norway. “We at Simek regard the UT 755 to be an easy vessel to build. Our engineers co-operate very well with Rolls-Royce, and together we deliver a quality vessel,” said managing director of the yard Simek Verft, Øyvind Iversen. The yard will now start building its sixth UT 755.


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