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    Lamnalco continues fleet expansion with new support vessels at ABG

    Vessel & ROV News // March 23, 2006

    Lamnalco's new APS 90s are being built at ABG Shipyard in India.

    Lamnalco Group Ltd in Sharjah is continuing the expansion of its fleet with an order for five 53m Marine Terminal Production Support Vessels at ABG Shipyard in India.

    The vessels, designated APS 90 (Azimuth Production Support), are of Conan Wu, Singapore, design, in conjunction with Lamnalco Project Department.

    The vessel concept was developed and built upon from Lamnalco’s operational experience with their five 47m 'C' Class Offshore Terminal Support Vessels which are all operating successfully.

    The ability to carry out tanker assist operations in adverse weather conditions was an area of prime concern for Lamnalco and the APS 90, being Azimuth Propulsion has the ability to carry out tanker towing using either a forward or aft deck winch giving the operator the advantage of continuing tow back operations in adverse weather conditions and increasing the terminal operating envelope.

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