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    Oil spill radar for NOFO vessels

    Equipment & Technology // March 21, 2006

    MIROS in Norway has concluded an agreement to supply five of its marine X-band radar-based oil spill detection systems to NOFO in Norway.

    Using the raradrs, NOFO will be able to track and manage oil spills independent of sea, weather and light conditions.

    "This is the first product to combine radar tracking of oil spills with complete sea status data such as wave and current information, which will give oil companies, coastal authorities and oil spill response teams the ability to detect more rapidly and respond more effectively to a spill. Once a spill reaches the coastline, its costs increase exponentially. This product can significantly speed clean-up before that happens," said MIROS managing director Erik Sandsdalen.

    The oil spill detection system has been under development since 2000, and builds on the company's successful Wavex Marine Radar technology, which has been installed on over 80 vessels.

    It uses advanced image-processing algorithms and standard ship-based navigational radar to locate oil spills at a distance of up to 4km, and track their movement at frequent intervals.

    The oil spill detection systems will be installed on five of the 14 vessels NOFO uses for oil spill response, and NOFO is considering equipping all of its spill response vessels with similar equipment.


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