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    Schilling Robotics adds horsepower to Phoenix International's UHD ROV

    Vessel & ROV News // March 1, 2006

    Schilling Robotics has upgraded the UHD 05 ROV to 200shp.

    To meet the offshore industry’s demands for more power, Schilling Robotics is upgrading its ultraheavy-duty, hydraulic UHD 05 ROV, ordered by Phoenix International, from 150shp to 200shp. 

    Schilling’s ability to accommodate Phoenix’s upgrade request reflects the company’s early preparation for expected general increases in subsea activity. By expanding the ROV's horsepower, Schilling is providing ROVs with the power to handle more equipment in deeper water with strong currents.

    Upgrading from 150 to 200shp increases the UHD’s thrust capability by almost 25 per cent, adding to the Phoenix fleet’s ability to perform demanding, deep-water construction tasks while handling the strong Gulf of Mexico Loop Current.

    Frank Sayle, general manager of the Phoenix International Subsea Projects Group, said the upgraded ROV will be a valuable asset. “Because there is a ‘new frontier’ of demanding, deepwater projects in the Gulf of Mexico, our fleet needs the most capable ROVs that we can buy. This power upgrade for the UHD, along with the vehicle’s 3,500m depth rating, will further equip us to handle these demanding projects.” 

    Sayle continued: “Phoenix is vigorously pursuing projects for deepwater construction and subsea tieback, so the UHD’s ability to simultaneously lift and move ultraheavy loads will be very valuable.”

    According to Ron Bernier, Schilling’s sales manager for remote systems, the upgrade process has gone smoothly. Said Bernier: "Because the UHD is designed to make power upgrades simple and easy, we were able to satisfy our customer’s requirement for more power without delaying the delivery.” 

    The UHD 05 ROV will be delivered to Phoenix’s Subsea Projects Group in Houston, Texas in June 2006.  It will be the first UHD system to operate in the Gulf of Mexico.


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