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    Rolls-Royce to provide UT 751 E design and equipment package for Farstad PSV

    Vessel & ROV News // February 2, 2006

    UT-Design at Rolls-Royce has developed a new and advanced PSV, the UT751E, for Farstad Shipping which meets the requirements of a long term contract with Norsk Hydro. The vessel will be built using a full package of Rolls-Royce equipment and systems by Aker Yards, Brevik, and is scheduled for delivery in mid-2007.  

    This diesel electric PSV will primarily serve Norsk Hydro installations in the North Sea, running supplies from the Mongstad base in west Norway, but may undertake other duties.

    A new hullform has been developed, incorporating a bulbous bow and propulsion by twin Ulstein Aquamaster Azipull thrusters. On an overall length of 93m and a beam of 21m a cargo deck area of about 1,100m2 is available, and the deadweight is approximately 5,200dwt at the design draught of 6.2m.

    Despite the large carrying capacity the hull is designed for an extremely low power requirement regardless of load at the service speed of 12-15 knots.

    Four 6-cylinder Bergen C25:33 generator sets provide electrical power. The Azipull AZP120 main steerable thrusters with CP propellers and 2,200kW electric motors are supplemented by two 883kW TT2400 tunnel bow thrusters and an 883kW swing-up azimuth bow thruster, all with frequency control.

    The propulsion system meets IMO DP2 dynamic positioning standard and enables the vessel to keep station under extreme wind and weather conditions.

    Clean classification has been specified and in addition there will be a catalytic exhaust gas treatment system using urea.

    A wide variety of liquid, bulk and dry cargo can be carried, including cargo fuel, brine and liquid mud. There will also be tankage for methanol, emulsion breaker and rig slops.

    The Farstad vessel will be able to undertake safety standby duties, with capacity for 320 survivors and two large MOB boats, and oil spill cleanup. It is  being prepared for ORO equipment and Transrec operations, can take up to 1,100m3 of recovered oil, and meets the NOFOS 2005 requirements.  

    Cargo and equipment can be loaded on to the working deck by truck through a stern port. A Rolls-Royce Automatic Sea Fastening Arrangement will be installed to secure deck cargo, and there will be an Odim automated hose handling system for liquid cargo, all designed to provide greater safety and more efficient deck work.    

    Farstad's UT 751 E will have accommodation for 25 people to DNV Comfort V3 class and a UT-Design passive tank system for roll reduction.

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