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    Vik-Sandvik provides details more details on DOF's innovative VS495 DEM

    Vessel & ROV News // January 26, 2006

    Vik-Sandvik, the well known Norwegian naval architects, have provided more details about the very innovative VS495 Diesel Electric Mechanical (VS495 DEM) PSV ordered by District Offshore (DOF) recently, which, as the name suggests, is a new generation PSV taking advantage of both electrical and diesel mechanical propulsion.

    Said Vik-Sandvik: "A single screw with shaft connected to two engines drives the VS495 DEM, giving better propeller efficiency and avoiding the electrical losses of diesel electrical propulsion during steaming."

    "In DP mode and during slow steaming the vessel will operate in diesel electrical mode with totally three retractable azimuths thrusters and three tunnel thrusters," the company explained.

    The VS495 DEM will have a length of 96.9m, beam of 21.0m, deck area of 1,030 square metres, and bear the class notation: DnV 1A1, Clean Design, Comf V (3) C (3), Fi-Fi II, Standby Vessel, Oil Rec.


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