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    Nautronix unveils SeaPC

    Equipment & Technology // January 20, 2006

    Nautronix has announced that it will formally launch anew product, the 'SeaPC,' at the Pacific 2006 International Maritime Exposition in January 2006 being held in Sydney, Australia.

    A rugged, personal computer housed in a waterproof casing, SeaPC is aimed at defence and commercial diving operations. The compamy claims that SeaPC "presents significant advantages for undersea observation, surveying, navigation, data collection, digital photography, area searches and inspections…just to name a few."

    Current techniques employed by divers for underwater navigation, surveying and data collection are predominantly manual and rely on lines or tape measures, visual fixing, dead reckoning and handwritten records. This is no longer the case with the SeaPC.  The SeaPC reduces the time assigned for surveying tasks and, for example, a trial using the SeaPC to survey a reef system reduced the total task time from 15 days to 2!  The information and data collected from this survey was easily presented on networks and websites within hours of completing the task.

    SeaPC features 3-D navigation in the underwater environment and through water communications using straightforward text messaging. The automatic logging of a diver’s parameters (depth, status, position on the sea floor and swim path), on demand recording of object location, automatic charting and bottom surveys the conditions of the search area are key features of the SeaPC. 

    Combined with Mission Planning, Execution and Post Analysis software that include digital photographs and movies and a host of additional advanced options ensures the SeaPC is a very powerful tool for divers of all specialisations.


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