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    Qatari newbuild has SWATH hullform

    Vessel & ROV News // January 18, 2006

    Doha Marine Services in Qatar has revealed details of the latest addition to its fleet, DMS Constructor, a Small Waterplane Twin Hull (SWATH) vessel designed for worldwide operations with an emphasis on the construction support in shallow and deep water.

    In a recent statement, the company said it believes that the SWATH hullform is more stable than a conventional monohull and that combined with DP 2, this creates a versatile, flexible vessel.

    The company said there were other adbantages to the SWATH design, including reduced wave drag, reduced powering, and a more comfortable, smoother ride.

    DMS Constructor is 72m long with a beam of 28m and a deadweight of around 2,750 tonnes. The main propulsion system takes the form of a quartet of fully azimuthing thrusters with fixed pitch propellers of 1,200kW each. The diesel-electric power plant comprises four 1,750KW alternators which will drive the vessel at a service speed of 10 knots.

    DMS Constructor has a clear deck area of in excess of 1,000m2, deck cargo carrying capacity of 750 tonnes, and is capable of carrying 400m3 of fuel oil, 800m3 of fresh water and 2,000m2 of water ballast/drill water.

    DMS Constructor also has fully air-conditioned accommodation for 250 and a hospital with two beds.

    A 4 x 4m moonpool will allow the deployment of ROVs and diving equipment, and the vessel is equipped with two electro/hydraulic telescopic cranes each with a boom length of 55m with a capacity of 50 tonnes at 6m outreach and 20 tonnes at 20m mounted on the starboard side.


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