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    PGS starts first-ever customized 4-D survey offshore Australia

    Projects and Operations // January 12, 2006

    PGS has commenced the first-ever customized baseline time-lapse 4-D survey for BHP Billiton Petroleum on the North West Shelf of Australia. 

    The 4-D survey will use the high-end HD3D-4D acquisition strategy pioneered by PGS.

    Ramform Victory will use the following configuration:

    • 12 x 3,600m streamers at a close 50m separation.
    • Shooting on the linear pre-plot line trajectories, with sail line separation equivalent to an "8 streamer pre-plot", that is, the use of streamer overlap shooting. This is the best platform for shot point and source-receiver azimuth repetition in future 4-D monitor surveys.

    The survey geometry will provide the optimal baseline survey for future generations of 4-D monitor surveys, allowing the understanding of small changes in reservoir state during the production of the Pyrenees oil and gas field. 

    Consequently, the recovery of hydrocarbons from the reservoir should be maximized over the production lifetime. 

    Each of the six PGS Ramform vessels are capable of routinely towing 12+ streamers - the only such vessels operating in the world today. 

    Ramform Victory is the world record holder for streamer towing, having towed 16 streamers. 

    The survey represents the third high technology survey in the 2005-2006 Australian campaign.


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