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    Ulstein X-Bow wins Norway's 'Engineering Feat of the Year'

    News // December 16, 2005

    The Ulstein Group in Norway has announced that it has won Teknisk Ukeblad's 2005 Norwegian Engineering Feat of the Year award.

    "The Ulstein group places a great deal of emphasis on tearing itself away from traditional solutions and conventions. At the same time we have fully recognised that it is very important to build on the ship building experience we have acquired over generations. This means it is an extra feather in the cap for the design team at Ulstein Design AS that the readers of Teknisk Ukeblad have elected the ULSTEIN X-BOW hull design the 2005 Norwegian Engineering Feat of the Year,” said Vice President Tore Ulstein. 

    The Norwegian Engineering Feat of the Year award is awarded to an engineering solution to a technical or social problem and that has local, national or international significance for society. The solution is intended to represent a good idea that has demonstrated commercial viability or socio-economic significance that has been carried out or finished during the period 2004-2005.

    The nomination committee said the ULSTEIN X-BOW was a new hull design that resulted in increased comfort and safety, lower fuel consumption and increased speed.

    “As far as hulls are concerned a vessel with an ULSTEIN X-BOW is completely different to traditional vessels. The bow inclines backwards and the hull has been significantly raised, while at the same time it tolerates submersion," senior hydrodynamics designer Øyvind Gjerde Kamsvåg explained.

    "Winning an award like this is very positive and is recognition of the design team’s work.This shows that it is possible to create exciting concepts even in little Ulsteinvik, Norway," said design manager Håvard Stave. He added that many good projects were nominated and that he is "humbled" by the fact that the ULSTEIN X-BOW came out on top.

    The Ulstein group has gained a great deal of attention and caused much debate in international circles with its ULSTEIN X-BOW. Vice President Market Erik Andreassen believes the Engineering Feat of the Year award will help sell more vessels that incorporate the ULSTEIN X-BOW.

    “This reinforces our certainty that what we are doing is right and we are now able to say, with even greater confidence, that the solution has been acknowledged by experts and lay people alike,” he said.

    The 2005 Engineering Feat of the Year award will be presented at a seminar at NTNU in Trondheim, Norway on 3rd January 2006.



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