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    BMT SeaTech helps Crowley set down Orlan platform on the right spot

    News // November 24, 2005

    PC Rembrandt Simulation of Orlan Manoeuvring to Set Down Location.

    Crowley at work on the Orlan project.

    The manoeuvring simulation capabilities of BMT SeaTech Ltd, a subsidiary of BMT Ltd, have helped assisted Crowley Marine Serviecs with a challenging project for the Orlan concrete island drilling structure.

    Starting in January this year and now completed, the project combined the skills of several BMT companies and allowed Crowley personnel to perform simulations for the set-down evolutions of the Orlan structure. 

    This innovative project required detailed modelling of the hydrodynamic response of the structure in shallow water for input into BMT’s leading simulator, PC Rembrandt, for real-time simulation. 

    BMT’s hydrodynamicists then validated the mathematical model of Orlan with Crowley personnel, prior to running a number of simulation workshops to establish tug requirements for the tow and set-down as well as establishing operability envelopes for the set-down process in Chayvo Bay, Sakhalin Island, Russia.

    To meet operational requirements, Orlan had to be set down within 5m of the target location and within 1º of the desired heading. The first phase of the project involved using PC Rembrandt to assess the number and size of tugs required to safely handle Orlan during the final transit from the staging area to the set-down point and then manoeuvre the structure into position at the target site.

    These simulations included the effects of various combinations of wind, waves, and current and were performed using detailed electronic charts of the set-down and staging area, created from recent hydrographical survey data.

    The second phase of the project utilized a refined PC Rembrandt simulation that included the ability to model the actual set-down of the structure. BMT’s advanced mathematical algorithms enabled modelling of the entire operation from approach through set down allowing multiple scenarios to be quickly and effectively assessed.

    Simon Burnay, Manoeuvring Simulation Products Manager at BMT SeaTech, said: "Over the years we have proven that PC Rembrandt is capable of far more than just on-board ship-handling training. As one of the most advanced simulators on the market, it has been used and validated on a wide range of manoeuvring and navigation studies including  new LNG terminals, cruise ship design options and structures such as Orlan. These projects, run for major ship operators and energy firms worldwide, have successfully demonstrated the use of PC Rembrandt as a manoeuvring and navigation assessment tool at every stage of these typically challenging and innovative projects."

    Following the detailed evaluation of tow and set-down scenarios, the Orlan structure was successfully installed within 1m of its target location.

    PC REMBRANDT is a real and fast time ship-handling and manoeuvring simulator. It is PC-based and designed using standard Windows user interfaces and structure to ensure user-friendliness. It is principally designed for the following applications:

    • Manoeuvre rehearsal
    • Ship performance and operational assessments
    • Assessment of port arrangements (berths, channels)
    • Assessment of tug requirements
    • Ship-handling training
    • Incident investigations

    PC REMBRANDT uses industry standard electronic charts as the interactive simulation backdrop enabling the mathematical model to interact with the bathymetry and land objects contained within the vector chart data. Mathematical ship models are based on specific ships and are modelled individually by BMT SeaTech, based on many years experience in the manoeuvring performance of surface vessels.


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