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    Bourbon PX105s to have innovative Schottel Combi Drives

    Vessel & ROV News // November 3, 2005

    German propulsion solutions provider Schottel has announced that its newly developed Combi Drive has been chosen by Bourbon Offshore Norway for the PX105 PSVs that Bourbon has building at Ulstein Verft in Norway.

    The Combi Drive or Schottel Combi Drive (SCD) is an innovative propulsion system that combines the advantages of Schottel’s well known Rudderpropellers and the advantages of pod drives.

    An electric drive, based on the successful SRP 1515, SRP 2020 and SRP 3030 Rudderpropellers and their proven mechanical components, the SCD covers the power range from 2,100kW to 3,400kW with propeller diameters ranging from 2,600mm to 3,400mm, and is available in both pushing propeller and twin propeller versions.

    In contrast to pod drives, in which an electric motor is housed inside an underwater pod, the motor in the Combi Drive is integrated vertically into the support tube of the Rudderpropeller, an arrangement that means that the concept is similar to that of a Rudderpropeller with a vertical power input (or ‘L system’).

    Schottel believes that the advantages of this propulsion concept are numerous – the first being the extremely compact nature of the system with an integrated motor, which minimises installation complexity - and cost - at the shipyard.

    The second important advantage is that the SCD concept eliminates an above-water gearbox increases the efficiency of the system, and the motor can be tested separately on the test bed before installation, and remains freely accessible after installation in the system.

    The PX105 PSVs that Bourbon Offshore has on order at Ulstein Verft will be fitted with two SCD 2020s, each of 2,000kW at 800rpm.

    Using the SCDs, the 4,700dwt, 88.8m PSVs will achieve a free-running speed of 15.5 knots, being built to DNV class and bearing the notation DNV 1A1, SF, E0, DynPos-Autr, Clean Design, Comf-V(3), LFL*, DK (+), HL(+), ICE-C, Naut-OSV (LOC only).


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