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    Oceanteam 2000 selects Sub-Atlantic as ROV supplier

    Vessel & ROV News // October 21, 2005

    Following an extensive examination of the ROV market and discussions with key operators, Oceanteam 2000 Limited has placed an order with Sub-Atlantic Limited for five ROV systems.

    The decision to acquire their own ROVs, rather than renting from a third party, will allow Oceanteam 2000 to plan their projects more effectively and offer a higher level of service to customers.

    Jonathan Soar, Managing Director of Oceanteam 2000, said: "Since Oceanteam 2000 was incorporated in 1999 our activity level has increased significantly within the ROV market and we had no hesitation in selecting Sub-Atlantic as our sole supplier of electric ROVs."

    The range of systems purchased by Oceanteam 2000 includes the Comanche system which is one of the latest developments by Sub-Atlantic, utilising proven technology already in use on their Mohican ROV. This system will be fitted with Orion manipulators from Schilling Robotics Inc, an Alliance partner with Sub-Atlantic Limited. 

    The manipulators will allow Oceanteam 2000 to undertake projects requiring a greater degree of intervention than is currently possible with other electric ROVs.

    The full range of systems ordered by Oceanteam 2000 includes the Mohawk, Super Mohawk and Comanche, with the first system to be delivered early December 2005.


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