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    Bollinger provides update on post-Katrina situation

    News // September 13, 2005

    Bollinger is a well known builder of offshore support vessels.

    Bollinger Shipyards in the US has provided an update on the situation at the company's various yards post-Hurricane Katrina.

    In a statement issued on September 12th, Bollinger said: "In the wake of Hurricane Katrina that hit our area on August 29th we want to get the word out to our customers about the status of the various Bollinger locations throughout South Louisiana and Texas."

    "Although each of our yards have been touched by the effects of the storm, our four New Orleans area yards, Harvey Quick Repair, Gulf Repair, Algiers and Gretna, have been the most affected and are temporarily not in operation at this time. We are in the process of assessing the impact at each of these facilities and will be communicating our progress in the coming days," said the statement, noting that it anticipates that Quick Repair and Gretna will be up and running in a few days, with the other yards to follow soon thereafter.

    "During this recovery period, we will have to overcome some major issues which could cause production delays. Many of our suppliers are within the New Orleans area and have been devastated," said the statement. "The loss of buildings, power, phones, water and roads are tremendous. Transportation and communication from within and from the outside is very congested and sometimes non-existent."

    "Many of our employees come from areas that were hit hard with high winds and flood waters, and many of them have lost their homes. Some of our employees live in areas that have no electrical power, limited food and gas supplies. Many of our employees are still unaccounted for. As of this date, approximately half of our workforce has been able to return to work. The other half of our employees are fighting flood conditions, tending to what is left of their homes, looking for missing family members or have yet to be heard from. We are making a concerted effort to locate our employees and assist them so they can return to work. The safety and well-being of our employees and customers is of utmost importance," Bollinger siad.

    "We are progressing with our efforts and as we progress, we will keep you, our customer, informed. As for our other locations to the west, we are fortunate that they are fully operational at this time. Lockport Repair and Construction, Larose, Amerlia Repair, Morgan City, Marine Fabricators, Fourchon, Calcasieu, and Texas, as well as each of these locations’ ancillary services, such as machine shops and hydraulic shops, are up and running."

    "We are here to service our customer’s needs and look forward to helping all recover from our country’s most devastating natural disaster," concluded the statement.

    If you would like to contact a specific Bollinger yard or person, the contacts are shown below:

    Bollinger Location Tel. Number    Manager Cell Number Email
    Algiers 504-362-7960 Alvin Naquin 504-382-5129

    Amelia   985-631-2020 David Cole 985-397-3989

    Calcasieu 337-583-7383 Brett Wolbrink  337-263-0449

    Fourchon 985-396-2366 David Stevens 985-665-9045

    Gretna 504-367-8080 Kenneth Boothe 504-382-5076

    Gulf Repair 504-242-5200 Larry Brown 504-908-2103

    Larose 985-693-7002 Paul Bailleaux 985-665-9048

    Marine Fabricators 985-631-5300 Lynn Falgout 985-397-3987

    Morgan City 985-631-3600 Larry Vauclin 985-397-3983

    Quick Repair 504-340-0621 Allen Stein 504-908-2759

    Lockport New Const 985-532-2554 Rene Leonard 985-665-9057

    Lockport Repair 985-532-2554 David Stevens 985-665-9045

    Texas City 409-945-0770 Max Sparre 409-682-5635

    St. Rose Eng
    and Est 504-466-7705 Kenneth Humphreys 985-665-9062

    Ex VP Repair 985-532-2554 Ben Bordelon 985-226-4154

    Ex VP Sales and Mkt 985-532-7284 Robert Socha 504-908-3582

    Bollinger Corporate 985-532-2554 985-532-7225


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