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    Key role for Echo Surveyor AUV on West Nile Delta

    Vessel & ROV News // August 29, 2005

    The HUGIN 3000 AUV Echo Surveyor owned by Fugro and developed by Kongsberg will play a key role in BP Exploration (Egypt) Limited's regional AUV Hydrographic and analogue geophysical survey over the West Nile Delta concession, offshore Egypt.

    Fugro Survey Limited in Aberdeen in the UK was chosen by BP for the project to survey more than 7,000 line kilometres in water depths between 150m and 2000m.

    The survey wull be the largest ever undertaken by an AUV, and is scheduled to take three months to complete.

    Fugro Egypt will undertake an extensive programme of Ultra High Resolution (UHR) seismic survey using its vessel Western Shore.

    Fugro is able to offer BP access to geohazard site investigation expertise and a wealth of local interpretation experience for BP's planned developments in the West Nile Delta, and will work closely with BP to produce a comprehensive report covering all aspects of geohazard risk in the development, and the proven reporting production procedures which were developed for BP's Plutonio field development in Angola will ensure timely report deliverables.

    For the AUV survey, Fugro will use its suvey vessel Geo Prospector as survey platform for the Echo Surveyor (a HUGIN 3000 AUV).

    Echo Surveyor will use an EM 2000 200 kHz Multibeam echosounder and an Edgetech Full Spectrum Chirp seafloor mapping system (sidescan sonar and sub-bottom profiler) to provide detailed images of seabed and sub-surface conditions over the West Nile Delta.

    Echo Surveyors' tightly coupled inertial navigation system will add rigour to the positioning of hazards and features. The tight turning circle - Echo Surveyor can turn almost in its own length - will also reduce the time to change between survey lines. It would take more than a year to complete this survey using traditional towed technologies.

    The benefits to the Client in using Echo Surveyor are numerous:

    Improved data quality and positioning accuracy enables a confident interpretation of seabed and sub-seabed conditions.

    Confident interpretation permits assured engineering that reduces risk and reduces cost.

    Faster data acquisition combined with tried and tested onboard reporting routines with high speed satellite data link delivers faster results to the asset team.

    Faster results delivery can reduce development time and bring forward oil field revenue.


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