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    Bourbon Aladin detailed by Keppel Singmarine

    Vessel & ROV News // August 24, 2005

    Keppel Singmarine in Singapore has provided Offshore Shipping Online with photographs and details of one of the latest newbuilds for Groupe Bourbon, the 121 tonnes bollard AHTS Bourbon Aladin.

    Bourbon Aladin is 67m overall with a moulded breadth of 16.40m and moulded depth of 7.00m and draft of 5.95 (max). The 2000GRT vessel has a speed at 4.0m draft of 14 knots and accommodation for 30.

    With a propulsion system based on a pair of CAT 3612 DITA main engine rated at 5,500bhp at 1,000rom, Bourbon Aladin has a deadeight of 2,100 tons (2,133 tonnes) at 5.95m draft with deck area of 420m2 and deck strength of 5 tons/m2.

    Her towing and anchor handling gear comprise a pair of Brattvaag SL250W/BSL250W anchor handling winches, a 1 x 1,050mm diameter x 2,650mm diaemter x 2,600mm length towing drum suitable for 2,848m x 64mm diameter wire rope, 1 x 1,050mm diameter x 2,650mm diameter x 2,600mm length anchor handling drum suitable for 2,848m x 64mm diameter wire rope, providing a line pull at 1st layer 250 tons @ 0-8.5 m/min, 88 tons @ 0-14.0 m/min, and 31 tons @ 0-29.1 m/min, plus brake holding of 300 tons at 1st layer.

    Cargo capacities include: fuel oil approx 1,230m3; lub oil approx 10m3; potable water approx 270m3; drill water/water ballast/rig chain lockers approx 700m3; drill water/liquid mud approx 400m3; drill water/brine/rig chain lockers approx 200m3; dirty water approx 10m3; dispersant approx 15m3; foam approx 24m3; bulk cement approx 250m3; freezer -20 degree C; chiller +4 degree C; dry provision +10 degree C.

    Bourbon Aladin bears the class notation: 1 +Hull, +MACH, Tug, Supply Vessel, Fire Fighting Ship 1, Water Spray, Unrestricted Navigation, + AUT-UMS, +DYNAPOS AM/AT (Class 1).



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