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    IMCA publishes offshore renewables position paper

    Organisations and Associations // August 19, 2005

    The International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) has announced that it has prepared a position paper on offshore renewable energy to assist and inform its members on the marine renewable energy market.

    "IMCA members support the development of renewable energy and are increasingly involved in offshore renewable construction projects," explained the associationís Chief Executive, Hugh Williams. "The purpose of our newly published paper is to inform our members and to solicit feedback from industry, reflecting the fact that knowledge sharing will be beneficial to the industry."

    "Our members can look forward to contributing to the offshore renewables market, which should grow in the medium-term future, and are in a position to bring considerable technical expertise and safety experience to a new and growing industry."

    After looking at the background and scale of developments using the existing and planned UK wind farm developments (Round 1, Round 2 and plans for the Beatrice field) as an illustration, the 14-page IMCA paper looks at: legislation and guidelines; raising awareness; the market; R&D; other technical issues; safety and environment; and contracting; whilst, wave and tidal power ARE covered in appendices

    "We have highlighted areas where further R&D expenditure may be necessary, and areas where commercial development has further to proceed," explained Williams.  "The variety of tasks involved in the offshore renewables marketplace is reflected in the paper, as are a number of relevant technical and commercial issues, including cable laying, J-tube and installation vessel design, diving personnel access, and the contracting regime."

    "The important matter of safety is dealt with in some detail, and the paper highlights the tangible benefits in reduced accidents of a proactive approach to health, safety and environment, conducted through a wide range of preventative measures and mitigation mechanisms. We will continue to work with the BWEA (British Wind Energy Association) Safety Committee in this area, as we find new ideas and ways of communicating the safety message."

    "The scale, timing and planning of offshore wind farm installations is not yet completely predictable. The position paper suggests that though the marketplace for offshore renewables may become larger in the future, at the present time project finance and industry capacity to deliver may constrain development. Our members continue to monitor developments in the market as volume grows and projects move into deeper water."

    Information on IMCA is available from the Associationís website at and from IMCA at 5 Lower Belgrave Street, London SW1W 0NR.  Tel: +44 (0)20 7824 5520; Fax: +44 (0)20 7824 5521; Email:




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