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    TotalFinaElf Norge awards decommissioning contract

    News // October 5, 2000
    TotalFinaElf Norge have awarded a contract to Heerema Marine Contractors to decommission the Fry platform, the Lille Frigg templates, the East Frigg template and some minor works on the Frigg Field.

    Heerema says the contract is unique in that it covers the decommissioning of the facilities, their marketing for re-use and the dismantling of the remaining items, all under the responsibility of one main contractor. This will allow a phased programme tomaximise the time available for selecting the best available option.

    The three Lille Frigg subsea templates and the East Frigg Template will be removed from the offshore location in the second quarter of 2001. The Fry decks and jacket will be removed in 2002, subject to approval by the Norwegian authorities.

    The Fry platform and Lille Frigg templates are high specification facilities in excellent condition. They were built and operated under Norwegian regulations, known to be among the most demanding in the industry. The facilities' design lifeextends the seven years of operations by some 15 years allowing a second life for production of up to 65,000 bpd, anywhere in the world.

    Heerema has contracted Valiant Industries/WEB Platform Brokers for the marketing and sales activities, who will immediately begin to interest parties for the potential use of these facilities.The Managing Director of TotalFinaElf Norge, Mr Roman A Gozalo said: "This is a unique contract in our industry as it extends our own considerable efforts to find a future re-use for these first class facilities beyond decommissioning. The combined competence of the removal contractor, the international brokers and certifieddismantling facilities will maximise the option to put these installations to use elsewhere, with a minimum negative effect on our environment."

    After a predetermined period for the marketing campaign the contract includes the option for bringing the structures onshore at the ABB/Umoe and Able UK sites for dismantling. The major components will then be able to be sold individually, fullyutilising the time frame to market the facilities for re-use.

    Production on Fry will cease at the end of 2000 and an application for removal has been submitted to the Norwegian Authorities.

    The Fry field was developed in 1995 with a stand-alone unmanned wellhead platform with a capacity for 15 wells, standing in 120m water. The hydrocarbons are taken through a first stage separator on the platform and then exported to a dedicated production module located on TCP 2 on the Frigg field. Here further separation takes place in a dedicated production module (M35) and the products are exported through the Frigg systems.

    Water-injection facilities are also located on TCP 2 and piped back to the Fry platform for injection in the reservoir. The platform complies with the current Norwegian regulations and has some 15 years of residual life remaining.

    A possible sale or disposal of Fry, is subject to the Norwegian Parliament approving the Fry disposal plan.

    Production on Lille Frigg ceased in early 2000. Permission to remove these templates has been granted by the Norwegian authorities. Production of the Lille Frigg field commenced in 1994 as a subsea development, utilising two single well, over-trawlable templates and one template combining a well with the manifold. The manifold has been designed to handle up to five wells. All hydrocarbons are exported to Frigg where a dedicated production and control module treats the fluids and controls the templates.

    The East Frigg was taken in production in 1988 and ceased production in 1999. Five Christmas trees were removed earlier this year.

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