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    Sembawang wins Lanistes FSU conversion

    Yard News // August 25, 2000
    Sembawang Shipyard, part of the SembCorp marine, has secured a major offshore conversion contract from Shell Exploration, under a Service Agreement with the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) for the re-development of the Nowrooz and Soroosh oil fieldsin the Northern Persian Gulf.

    The conversion contract calls for Sembawang to convert the 311,896dwt tanker Lanistes into a Floating Storage and Offtake Unit (FSU).

    A significant aspect of the conversion will be the fabrication of a new stern structure and the installation of a new stern-mounted turret mooring and loading system, which will allow the FSU to weathervane freely.

    The FSU will be turret moored at the stern to allow export tankers to moor bow to bow by means of a tandem mooring arrangement.

    Sembawang says the conversion calls for extensive modification work at the stern of the ship, the engine room, main deck, tanks and accommodation areas. The major work in the engine room includes the overhaul of machinery, removal of the main turbine, and the installation of three new generators.

    Substantial steelwork of approximately 2,400 tons will be required during the conversion, mainly to provide reinforcement for the tanks. The cargo and ballast system will also be modified along with the vessel's hydraulic systems. The project also callsfor the renewal of piping and the installation of new piping systems for the separate reception and storage of two grades of stabilised crude oil.

    The fire-fighting and safety systems on board will also be modified, and the accommodation on board will be upgraded and refurbished.

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