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    PGS awarded 3-D contract in deepwater Brunei

    Contracts, Tenders and Rates // August 11, 2000
    Petroleum Geo-Services (PGS) has been awarded a 10,000 square kilometre exclusive MC3D contract in deepwater EEZ in Brunei Darussalam.

    The multi-client 3D (MC3D) is part of the deepwater licensing round that the Petroleum Unit of the Prime Minister's Department in Brunei Darussalam will announce on 09 October 2000. The closing date for the bid round will be 01 November 2001.

    The survey will commence early August 2000 using the Ramform Challenger towing 10 streamers, each 6,000m long.

    PGS says this is the biggest streamer spread ever deployed in Asia Pacific and full onboard processing will be utilised with proprietary PGS technology.

    Final data will be ready for delivery to the client nine months after first shot point and will ensure that oil and gas companies bidding for the acreage in the licensing round will have sufficient time to make full use of the 3D in their bid.

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