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    JAOC awards Schlumberger/SOCAR survey work

    Projects and Operations // June 16, 2000
    Japan Azerbaijan Oil Company (JAOC) has announced the award of the second phase of a 3-D seismic survey in the South Caspian Sea to Caspian Geophysical, a joint venture between Schlumberger and the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan (SOCAR).

    JAOC's Production Sharing Agreement area contains the Yanan-Tava, Mugan-deniz and Atasgah structures approximately 80km south of Baku. The PSA was ratified in June 1999.

    Phase one of the 3-D survey was acquired in deeper waters by Caspian Geophysical's 3-D streamer vessel Gilavar during March 2000. The second phase will cover the majority of the PSA area in shallow waters where depths are less than 5m around certain mudvolcanoes.

    The Schlumberger Digiseis-FLX multi-channel radio telemetry recording system will be used for the first time in the Caspian Sea. The system is particularly well suited to operations in shallow offshore waters in environmentally sensitive ecosystems.

    Caspian Geophysical will supply the MV Baki and personnel for the source vessel. Fuad Aliev, Caspian Geophysical's director general, stated that "detailed project planning in close co-operation between JAOC, the survey crew and Azerbaijan regulatory agencies will minimise the impact that crew operations could have on the local environment."

    Phase two acquisition was due to commence this month and take four to five months to complete. Data processing has also been awarded to Caspian Geophysical's Baku processing centre, which uses Seismos processing software.

    According to John Close, regional vice president for Schlumberger Reservoir Evaluation Seismic, this is the largest shallow water 3-D project announced to date in the Caspian region.

    With the increased interest being shown in shallow water prospects in the Caspian Sea, he expects robust activity for the shallow water crew throughout 2000.

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