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    Schlumberger launches new generation stimulation vessel

    News // April 21, 2000
    Schlumberger has announced the launch of the DeepSTIM, which it describes as the largest and most advanced stimulation vessel available for operation in the Gulf of Mexico.

    The launch follows an extensive design programme to engineer and construct the vessel.

    The company claims DeepSTIM is the product of years of experience in marine, mechanical, electronic and chemical engineering. The vessel measures 260 feet by 56 feet and its large capacity provides reliability in severe weather and allows the vessel to remain at sea for long periods.

    The fully enclosed North Sea-style deck encompasses all pumping, mixing and blending equipment, eliminating exposure of equipment and personnel to weather.

    The DeepSTIM is equipped with the latest technology in antiroll systems, environmental waste containment, data acquisition and transmission, and fluid engineering.

    It can deliver 12,700 hydraulic horsepower (hhp) at rates as high as 50 barrels per minute and can increase to 19,500 hhp with notice of 48 hours. A process-controlled, continuous-mix fluid system allows 'on-the-fly' mixing of both acid and fracturing fluids using fresh water or seawater - greatly minimising fluid waste and reducing material costs.

    A dynamic positioning system allows the vessel to stay at a programmed position using computer-aided thrusters built into the vessel's hull. The system uses both satellite global positioning and a sonar system to maintain position, allowing the vessel tooperate in adverse weather conditions, avoiding costly down time to rig operations.

    DeepSTIM also features a high-speed satellite communications package that allows critical well site information to be transferred in real time to multiple client locations.

    The addition of DeepSTIM makes the Schlumberger stimulation fleet the largest in the Gulf of Mexico, where it joins BigOrange 29, BigOrange 30 and Galaxie.

    Applications of the DeepSTIM include work at remote deepwater locations; large-capacity treatments; high-rate, high-pressure pumping; and fracturing, acidizing or gravel packing. The main benefits of the design are that it is stable in hostile environments, can be rapidly deployed, it has minimal environmental impact, and requires minimal trips to port.


    LOA: 260 ft
    Breadth: 56 ft
    Draft (lightship): 6 ft 6 in.
    Draft (load line): 15 ft 6 in.
    Freeboard @ LS draft: 12 ft 4 in.
    Freeboard @ LL draft: 3 ft 3 in.
    Deadweight tons (load line): 3100 long tons

    Liquid cargo capacities

    Fuel oil: 166,135 gal
    Ballast/rig water: 527,601 gal
    Antiroll: 45,280 gal
    Heavy brine (fracture water): 237,728 gal
    Waste storage: 30,240 gal

    Dry bulk cargo capacities

    4 X 1580 ft3
    4 X 1470 ft3
    1 X 2000 ft3
    Total: 14,200

    Main propulsion engines: 2 X 3516 Caterpillar diesel (3,420 BHP @ 1600 rpm)

    Azimuth drives: 2 X 1350HRV Ulstein 315-rpm, 80-in. diameter, 4-blade FPP

    Thrusters: 1 X 340-hp CP tunnel; 1 X 1200-hp drop-down azimuth


    Ship's service diesel generators: 3 X 300 kW
    Ship's emergency diesel generators: 1 X 99 kW
    Schlumberger well stimulation generators: 3 X 300 kW


    1 X 1 Man room; 6 X 2 Man rooms; 4 X 4 Man rooms; Total: 29

    Stimulation Specifications

    High-pressure pumps: 7 X SPS-343: 1700 hhp; 1 X 800-hhp acidizing pump. Total: 12,700 hhp

    Seawater heat exchanger for jacket-water, transmission, and pump oil cooling standard

    Coflexip hoses and reels

    2 X 300 ft X 3 in. Coflexip hoses (15,000-psi MCWP), mounted on reels; each with quick-disconnect unit

    Pressure relief valve: 1 X 3-in. gas-operated pressure relief valve

    Acid storage system: 2 X 4200-gal polyethylene lined acid storage tanks with level transmitters

    Acid blending system: 2 X 2000-gal acid blending tanks with level transmitters, equipped for continuous mix to 24 bbl/min

    General blender tanks: 1 X 6000 gal three-compartment blender tank with level transmitters; 1 X MH-6 6-in. hopper with 2-in. jet nipple for dry additives

    PCM* precision continuous mixer (fracture fluids): 1 X PCM tank with approx. 300-bbl capacity and 60 bbl/min on-the-fly mixing

    LAS* liquid additive system: 8 X LAS pumps to 12-gal/min capacity; 2 X LAS pumps to 36-gal/min capacity; 2 X LAS pumps to 50-gal/min capacity; 15 X 550 gal liquid additive storage; 1 X 1500 gal liquid gel storage

    POD* blenders: process-controlled, 2 X Electrically driven POD blenders (2 X 35 bbl/min each); independent or parallel operation; 18,000 lb/min (0 to 22 ppa); 2 X Dry add feeders; 1 X PropNET* feeder; 1 X Two-compartment gravity silo (200,000 lbm)

    Seawater filtration system: High-performance dual unit system (70 bbl/min), self-monitoring

    Control room: 600 ft2 control room/laboratory; full process control of all stimulation equipment described above. Control room readouts: level transmitters from all tanks, including fracture water storage tanks; discharge pressure transmitters from all c-pumps; flow meters from all stimulation process piping; touch-screen human interface; FracCAT* data acquisition system; closed-circuit video feed from equipment; high-speed satellite data transfer system; emergency shutdown system; emergency disconnectcontrols; laboratory next to the control room, with clean sample point.

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