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    New drillship delivered

    Vessel & ROV News // April 7, 2000
    Samsung Heavy Industries in Korea has delivered the drillship Navis Explorer 1, two weeks ahead of the contracted delivery date.

    Samsung says the $300 million Navis Explorer 1 is an advanced drillship designed to have favourable motion characteristics, and is particularly well suited for operation in deep water.

    The motion characteristics of the design are said to be such that it can operate for 95 per cent of the year even in particularly harsh winter conditions, such as those found in the Haltenbank.

    It was built on behalf of Navis in Norway, the company principally responsible for its design. Hitec, which has a major shareholding in Navis, was responsible for the topsides.

    Navis Explorer 1 is certified for operations in the Norwegian sector of the North Sea. The newbuilding is capable of drilling in waters of up to 3,000m in dynamic positioning mode, and has a significant storage capacity.

    Extensive model testing of the hullform - which was designed by LMG-Marin - was undertaken at Marintek in Norway in order to develop a particularly stable vessel. The 200m long Navis Explorer 1 has three moonpools which - Navis claims - have a major influence on its motion characteristics, giving it characteristics more like those of a semi.

    Drilling takes place through the central moonpool - the other moonpools are used for ROV operations or subsea intervention. 70,000 barrels of crude can be stored on board, enabling Navis Explorer 1 to work for long periods without re-supply.

    The drillship is designed for dual activity drilling, having one and a half derricks with a 1000t main hook and 100t auxiliary hook to allow pipestands to be made up in parallel with drilling. 30in and 20in conductors and casing can be made up in the auxiliary derrick. Hitec was also responsible for the design of the 7,000hp active heave drawworks.

    Propulsion is by six diesel engines arranged across two fully independent engine rooms. Navis Explorer 1 also has a quintet of powerful thrusters to enable her to work in Dynamic Positioning (DP) mode.

    Navis Explorer 1 is due to start work on behalf of R&B Falcon shortly.

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