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    BP and Shell discover WWII submarine in Gulf of Mexico

    News // June 15, 2001
    BP and Shell have announced that they have discovered the long-sought wreckage of the German World War II submarine U-166 in the Gulf of Mexico.

    The discovery was made as the companies were surveying a planned underwater pipeline route, and was reported to the US government, which confirmed the find and notified the government of Germany.

    The U-166 was the only submarine sunk in the Gulf of Mexico during the war.

    The discovery was made by the Hugin-3000 AUV, which was on contract to BP andShell.

    The discovery of the U-166 was made last month during survey work associated with the Okeanos Gas Pipeline, a joint BP and Shell project that will transport natural gas to shore from the Na Kika and Crazy Horse ultra-deepwater fields currently under development.

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