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    BMT and AROQUA Ltd help Marathon reduce energy costs

    News // October 29, 2004
    BMT Reliability Consultants Ltd, a subsidiary of British Maritime TechnologyLtd (BMT), and AROQUA Ltd have been jointly awarded a contract by MarathonOil UK, Ltd to identify a strategy that will minimise the long-term cost ofownership of the gas turbine packages in the Brae oil and gas fields in theUK Continental Shelf.

    BMT and AROQUA are developing a strategy to minimise the long-term cost ofownership of the gas turbine packages for Marathon Oil UK.

    The work will be carried out using the tools developed by BMT ReliabilityConsultants and AROQUA as part of the joint product and service referred toas Optimised Maintenance Accord Contracts, Opti~MAC(r). In particular the future projected costs will be developed using Opti~MAV(r) (Verification) an audit and performance evaluation tool.

    Marathon Oil UK currently operates a mix of critical Gas Turbine driven (GT)capital equipment supplied by a number of Original Equipment Manufacturers(OEMs). The GTs contribute to the commercial viability of the asset byproviding gas transmission and power generation capability. The equipmentincludes; Rolls Royce Olympus Units - Series 'C' rated engines; Rolls RoyceRB211's - 24C's and GE LM5000's.

    The study will be achieved by evaluating and modeling the cost of ownershipand operation of the Gas Turbine Packages, against a background of a numberof technical, economic, and legislative considerations, with a changingrequirement for power generation and gas compression capacity.

    The primary considerations of the study will include technical integritythreats through obsolescence, consumption of component life, re-engineeringand re-manufacturing requirements, legislative threats in the form of safetyand environmental impacts and fuel gas requirements with the availabilityrequired for power generation and gas injection demand.

    The work will provide Marathon Oil UK with an operating and maintenancestrategy that achieves the most cost effective implementation of therecommended technical options. As derived from this strategy it willidentify the key criteria to be met by procurement strategies and serviceagreements as appropriate.

    Jim Lambert, Managing Director of BMT Reliability Consultants said: "Thisis an early success for our innovative approach to providing independentsupport using the Opti~MAC(r) service. A methodology framework for theverification of maintenance and operations metrics for measurement of theperformance efficiency of oil & gas production facilities."

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