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    Global Marine selects SMD ROVs

    Vessel & ROV News // March 9, 2001
    Soil Machine Dynamics (SMD) in the UK has won a contract to provide two submarine cable working ROVs to Global Marine Systems Ltd.

    The first ROV is a high power trenching ROV, which incorporates SMD's new TrencheROV concept. TrencheROV is designed to maximise the ROV's efficiency in trenching and swimming operations. This is achieved through remote reconfiguration of the ROV's buoyancy and thrusters providing optimum system balance on the seabed and in the water column.

    The ROV is to be supplied with a full suite of jet tools for maximum cable burial in a wide range of conditions. The system also includes a full launch and recovery system, comprising an SMD Sea State 7 wide angle A-frame and lifting umbilical winch withlong travel snap limiter.

    The second system is a cable maintenance ROV and will be installed on Global Marine's new ACMA vessel.

    The ROV is based around the 300kW (400hp) class of SMD cable trenching/maintenance ROV and includes a suite of jet burial and cable intervention tools.

    The ROV will be launched from a wide angle A-frame and lifting umbilical winch which incorporates a snap limiter.

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