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    Union calls on Trico to share profits

    News // February 23, 2001
    Following Trico Marine Services' recent announcement of record profits, Offshore Mariners United (OMU) has called on the company to share those profits with themen who crew Trico's vessels in the Gulf of Mexico.

    "We've been saying 'give it back' for over a year now," said Dave Eckstein, Field Director of OMU. "As economic conditions in the Gulf of Mexico oil patch have improved in the last eighteen months, the service companies like Trico have improved their economic position dramatically. But conditions for the workforce that these companies rely on haven't changed all that much. It's past time for Trico and the other service companies in the Gulf of Mexico to share the recent prosperity with the mariners whomake that prosperity possible. It's past time for these mariners to have decent wages and benefits that reflect the reality of life in the twenty-first century."

    Trico's quarterly revenues increased by over $13 million over the comparable quarter in 1999 according to company figures, yet operating expenses, of which labour is by far the most significant, increased by only about $1 million. OMU believes the company is bringing in more than enough income to increase wages and benefits, according to Eckstein.

    Offshore Mariners United is a group of five American maritime unions - the American Maritime Officers, the International Organisation of Masters, Mates & Pilots, the National Maritime Union, the Marine Engineers' Beneficial Association, the Seafarers International Union, the AFL-CIO, and theInternational Transportation Workers Federation (ITF) - that aims to assist mariners in the Gulf of Mexico fight for a union to bring them the dignity,justice and respect they deserve.

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