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    Remontowa starts work on latest conversions

    Yard News // February 9, 2001
    The Remontowa repair yard in Poland has begun work on its latest conversions - two ro-ro vessels, the Prerow and Lodbrog, which it is converting into cable repair vessels on behalf of Alcatel Submarine Networks Marine in Denmark and Lux Shipping in France.

    Both ships were built in the former East Germany in 1983 and 1985, respectively, and are being converted using drawings and technical assistance from Vik Sandvik in Norway, a firm of naval architects and consultants that has specialised in cable ship work, both newbuilds and conversions.

    The wide-ranging work that the Polish yard is undertaking will see the ro-ro ships existing cargo-handling equipment - including aft ramp, cargo lifts, and car decks - removed, along with the wheelhouse.

    Remontowa will then fabricate and install a new wheelhouse, including a mast and antennas, and fabricate and install a new accommodation block, which will be integrated into the existing superstructure.

    The yard will subsequently transform the upper deck into a cable repair deck, and install cable repair equipment, control equipment for the cable repair machinery, and a number of workshop deckhouses.

    Remontowa will also install a total of six cable tanks in the spaces between the tank top and the freeboard 2nd deck level, and modify the freeboard deck, intermediate decks and tank tops.

    Externally, sponsons will fitted to both sides of the ships, and the existing tunnel thrusters will be removed and replaced with four new tunnel units, two forward and two aft in new skeg.

    The yard is also responsible for removal of the existing diesel generators and for the installation of four new diesel gensets. The extensive package of machinery related work will also see the yard install a new electrical system, including new switchboards and new electric motors to drive the ships' thrusters.

    Modification work will also be undertaken on the ships' fuel oil systems, seawater cooling system, and compressed air system. The yard will also install a new ventilation and air conditioning system, new deck cranes and a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV)handling system, including winches, 'A' frame and a hangar.

    The extensive work on the two vessels will also see their lifesaving equipment replaced with new equipment, new navigation equipment will be installed, as will a new machinery control and surveillance system and new fully redundant Dynamic Positioning system.

    On entering the Polish yard, the ro-ros were 140.12m overall with an extreme breadth of 20.93m, design draught of 6.45m, draft of 5.80m and deadweight of 6,704 tonnes. On completion, their extreme breadth will increase to 23.30m due to sponsons, with a slightly increased draft of 7.23m, and reduced deadweight of 4,500 tonnes.

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