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    White Rose development application filed

    News // January 26, 2001
    Husky Oil Operations Limited (Husky), operator of the White Rose oilfield, and Petro-Canada, joint owner of the field, have announced that they have filed the Development Application (DA) for the White Rose oilfield development with the Canada-Newfoundland Offshore Petroleum Board (C-NOPB).

    The Development Application comprises five volumes and a project summary: Vol. 1 - Canada-Newfoundland Benefits Plan; Vol. 2 - Development Plan; Vol. 3 - Environmental Impact Statement; Vol. 4 - Socio-Economic Impact Statement; Vol.5 - Preliminary Safety Plan and Concept Safety Analysis, and DA Summary.

    "Filing of the Application will allow us to complete the front-end engineering design (FEED) and costing work now underway," said James Blair, Husky's Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. "The objective of the FEED is to meet the design, cost, and contracting requirements we have established to allow a decision regarding the project go-ahead."

    In the Application, Husky is proposing to develop the White Rose oilfield with a floating production and storage (FPSO) system. "The FPSO is a safe and reliable production facility with a proven track record in other harsh environments around the world.It is the cost-effective and economically viable method to develop the oilfield," said Will Roach, Husky's General Manager, East Coast Development.

    Major components of the FPSO and related systems are currently on tender. "Confirmation that development costs are within the economic framework of the project and internationally competitive is a central part of moving the project forward," explained Roach.

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