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    Rolls-Royce designs selected for 53 vessels

    News // January 26, 2001
    Rolls-Royce UT ship designs and equipment packages have been selected for no less than 53 offshore service vessels over the past year, reports the company, representing the largest batch of orders in this sector the company has won since the mid-1970s.

    Twelve of the vessels were ordered just before the end of 2000 and will beworth 40 million to Rolls-Royce, bringing the total value of the contracts to 170 million.

    Dr Saul Lanyado, President, Marine, said: "The increase in demand has come rapidly. After a quiet period in late 1999 and early 2000 caused by uncertainties in the offshore oil and gas industry, owners have started investing for the future. Since the summer of 2000 UT-Designs for 43offshore service vessels have been chosen by shipowners in many countriesincluding the US."

    The vessels will be built in shipyards in Brazil, China, Denmark, Japan, Korea,Norway and Singapore. Delivery dates of the vessels extend well into 2003.Sixteen of the vessels are powerful anchor handlers, with the UT722 variantsin strong demand.

    The market favourite platform supply vessel is the UT755 in standard or long versions, with 19 on order, whilst the long established UT745 retains its popularity, with diesel electric versions also available.

    Several of the contracts are for new designs, including the UT710, UT728 andUT738 AHTS.

    The demand for vessels to lay and maintain fibre optic cables is also strong,and TyCom has confirmed orders for six of the new and innovative UT757design, with full marine equipment packages, to be built in Singapore.

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