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    Union rounds on Trico

    News // December 15, 2000
    The Seafarers Section Conference of the International Transport Workers' Federation (ITF) has called on member unions around the world to "bring all possible pressure to bear on Trico Marine".

    In a resolution passed unanimously, Trico Marine Services was singled out for what was described as "its aggressive anti-union actions".

    David Cockroft, General Secretary of the ITF, remarked, "There is a movement in the world to get companies to obey international rules and conventions regarding the rights of workers to organise and join unions, and this is a part of that movement."

    "This is another message to the companies operating in the Gulf ofMexico and to Trico in particular that we aren't going away and they have noplace to hide - from the labour movement or from public opinion," said Field Director Dave Eckstein. "This is a human rights issue, a workers'rights issue, and the whole world is watching."

    The ITF is a global federation of transportation industry unions. TheSeafarers Section Conference consists of representatives from majormaritime unions in more than 80 countries around the world.

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