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    Schlumberger launches second DeepSTIM ship

    Vessel & ROV News // December 15, 2000
    Schlumberger has affirmed its commitment to the deepwater market with launch of the DeepSTIM II, the second in a new line of advanced stimulation vessels for deepwater service.

    The new vessel surpasses the size of the first DeepSTIM ship by 10 feet, making it the largest stimulation vessel operating in the Gulf of Mexico.

    With a length of 270ft and breadth of 55ft, the vessel's large capacity provides reliability in severe weather and allows the vessel to remain at sea for long periods, claims the company.

    The fully enclosed North Sea-style deck encompasses all pumping, mixing and blending equipment, eliminating exposure of equipment and personnel to weather.

    Doug Pferdehirt, Schlumberger GeoMarket manager, Gulf Coast, says the new vessels are making designs for deepwater stimulation safer, for both personnel and the environment, as well as more efficient.

    According to Pferdehirt, "The vessel's size and capacity were not our only considerations. We considered safety, ergonomics and environmental protection as principal drivers in the overall design".

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