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    AMS says HTS motor "exceeds expectations"

    News // January 18, 2002
    American Superconductor Corporation, a leading supplier of superconductor products and power electronic converters for the electric power industry, has announced that it has successfully completed load testing of the world's first 5,000hp, high temperature superconductor (HTS) prototype electric motor.

    The company also said it is continuing with its plan for the design, manufactureand testing of its first ship propulsion motor prototype, a much highertorque, lower speed motor than the prototype 5,000hp motor.

    The 5,000hp motor was engineered to validate the company's design of the HTSrotor field winding, the high efficiency refrigeration system and the freshwater-cooled stator technology. Published results establish the prototype as the world's most powerful HTS rotating machine. The company's patented, ultra-compact HTS electric motors are designed to reduce the size, weight and manufacturing costs of large industrial and ship propulsion motors, compared with conventional motors, while increasing net electrical efficiency.

    Industry analysts forecast the conversion to electric ship propulsion willaccelerate the growth of the current $400 million ship propulsion motors andgenerators market to $2-4 billion annually in the next ten years. Theexpected compound annual growth rate for electric motors and generators forship propulsion applications is expected to be more than 20 per cent. Todaynearly 100 per cent of all cruise ships and many cargo ships havetransitioned to electric propulsion systems.

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