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    Recent fixtures for PSVs and AHTS

    Contracts, Tenders and Rates // December 14, 2001
    Offshore Shipbrokers Ltd (OSL) in Aberdeen reports the following recent fixtures (30 days or more) for AHTS and PSVs: Agip PSV Northern Sea 1 well £6,500; BG Egypt AHTS Maersk Server 11 wells N/R; BG Egypt AHTS Maersk Detector 11 wells N/R; Canyon Offshore PSV Trico 745 3 years NOK 125,000; Dong PSV SBS Sirius 6 months* NOK 90,000; Norsk Hydro PSV Far Saga 5 years N/R; Petrobras PSV Madonna Tide 2 years USD 14,900; Petrobras PSV Carline Tide 2 years USD 14,900; Phillips Australia PSV Far Scotsman 2 years N/R; Philips Australia PSV Bennett Tide 2 years N/R; Seaforth PSV Maersk Fighter 1 year N/R; Shell PSV Skandi Falcon 2 years* £6,5/7,000; Shell PSV Stirling Forth 2 years* N/R; Shell PSV Stirling Clyde 2 years* N/R; Shell PSV Stirling Altair 1 year* N/R; Shell PSV Stirling Pegasus 1 year* N/R; Shell Gabon AHTS Havila Champion 1 well USD 13,000; Shell West Africa AHTS OSA Voyager 1 well USD 13,000; Statoil PSV DOF TBN MT6000 5 years NOK 105,000.

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