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    Hydrovision wins Russian Navy order

    News // December 14, 2001
    Following the Kursk submarine disaster and the recent successful salvage of the wreck, the Russian government has approved a major investment of more than $30 million to acquire the most modern salvage and submarine rescue equipment for their Navy.

    Aberdeen based company Hydrovision are a principal beneficiary of this investment and will provide the Russian Navy with nine underwater remotely operated vehicles, ROVs, over the next seven months.

    Two of these systems will be Hydrovision's latest 3 tonne, 100 shaft horse power, Venom work class ROVs fitted with sonar, manipulators and a variety of salvage and distressed submarine support tools. The seven other ROVs will be smaller Seaeye Tiger observation systems built in Fareham, England by Hydrovision's subsidiary company Seaeye Marine.

    Both the Venom and the Seaeye Tiger were developed for the offshore oil and gas industry where they are used for subsea construction, survey, inspection and intervention work. The Seaeye Tigers will provide the Russian Navy with a remote observation, inspection and diver support capability.

    The Venoms will be capable of connecting air hoses and communications links to a distressed submarine and then transport essential life support stores to the submarine's crew while they wait to be rescued. These life support stores would be posted into the submarine escape tower in sealed pods for the crew to retrieve. During the rescue phase the ROVs provide another pair of eyes to help direct the rescue submarine as it mates to the distress submarine to transfer the crew.

    In addition to providing the ROVs, Hydrovision have won a significant contract to procure other specialist subsea equipment for the Russian Navy's submarine rescue and salvage service.

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