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    Seismic vessel gets more streamers

    News // November 2, 2001
    Seismic survey company CGG has provided more details of the upgrade of the vessel Mistral that it is planning to undertake.

    The Mistral will be converted to a 10 streamer capacity vessel in the course of year 2002.

    The 95m long CGG Mistral was initially designed as a three-streamer seismic vessel based on a trawler hull in 1991. The working deck of the vessel was later upgraded to tow 5-6 streamers.

    She will now go through major conversion, which will include the addition of two sponsons, widening the vessel to 23m from 15.60m. Each sponson will accommodate an additional propulsion unit, increasing the propulsion power from 3,000 kW to 8,800kW. It will give to the vessel the power to comfortably tow 10 streamers on a 900 m spread at 5kt.

    The working decks are also being completely rebuilt.

    The conversion contract has been awarded to MWB in Bremerhaven.

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