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    Halliburton unveils micropolymer fracturing service

    News // October 19, 2001
    Halliburton Energy Services, a business unit of Halliburton, has announced the introduction of its new fracturing service.

    Based on a viscoelastic fluid system, the service uses Halliburton's patent-pending MicroPolymerT material, which, it claims, is 25-30 times smaller than conventional polymers.

    To develop viscosity, the fluid links and de-links based on pH and, unlike conventional polymer-based fluids, does not require breakers. The fluid system's rapid response enables real-time viscosity control, allowing operators to adjust a fracturing fluid's formulation almost instantaneously based on observed treatment responses such as surface pressure.

    "The Halliburton MicroPolymer fracturing service is a result of our continuing efforts to develop cost-effective technology and to help customers' reservoirs become more productive. In developing this new fluid system, we have literally re-engineered thefluid process with a focus on desired rheology, real-time operations, and the environment," said Jody Powers, president, Halliburton Energy Services.

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